The Saint Alvia Cartel (Reunion) w/ The Penske File

/ May

The Saint Alvia Cartel (Reunion) w/ The Penske File

Hamilton, ON
08:00 pm
$20 Advance
19+ Event


The Saint Alvia Cartel
The Penske File
Harm and Ease
+ tba


About 14 years ago, a bunch of dudes from various bands who congregated regularly at a pub called the Poacher ended up being in a band together. We called it The Saint Alvia Cartel. Things went really fast for us. Super fast. We had a bunch of crazy shit happen. Radio, TV, videos, award shows. All kinds of weird shit for six punks from Burlington to experience for the first time. We had a ton of opportunities, but we made a lot of mistakes. Constantly.

Ultimately, relationships were jeopardized. Business was jeopardized. And most importantly, what made our band special was jeopardized.

Brandon Bliss wrote a lyric for the band that rang, “the dust may blow, it may get cold, and if ya can’t take it just goes to show”. What we didn’t realize at the time was we were singing about ourselves.

But that’s not us. That’s not who we are.

Fast forward to the present day. We all keep in touch. We have group threads reminiscing about stupid shit we joked about in the van. And a bunch of us have continued to play on and off together. Any past hang ups have dried up as they always seem to, but I don’t think any of us ever thought the six of us would play together ever again.

Enter friend-to-the-band, Darryl Fine, owner and operator of Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club. A shared memory on social media a few weeks back sparked Darryl to approach us about getting our original line up together for a show during Canadian Music Week.

After a brief series of discussions, we were all surprisingly down. Rather than be a cautionary tale of what not to do in a band, we should be remembered as a potentially dangerous experiment of ideas, ego, and ambition. Which is what we were. Whether anyone liked it or not.

This May, we’ll be performing a variety of songs from our 2005 – 2009 era at Absinthe Hamilton in Hamilton and The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. We’ve already started rehearsing and we’re having a great time playing and spending time together.

This probably won’t happen too often or even, ever again. However, this time, it won’t be because of mistakes, hasty decisions, and poor communication. It will be because life has taken us all to different places and it’s hard to find time to see the people you love, and even harder to coordinate six people with completely different lives.

Ultimately, we’re family, and family should always try to find time to come back together and that’s what this is. That’s what The Saint Alvia Cartel was always about.

We’re going to go have so much fucking fun and we’d love for you to join us.

Sincerely, Greg, Rob, Ben, Fisher, Matt, and Brandon

HAMILTON – MAY 22ND – 2020

w/ The Penske File, Harm & Ease + guests
*Note – For our Hamilton show we’ve provided a ticket bundle for those who would like a copy of our Self Titled EP as well as general admission options*